2014 Baseball Challenge

The Baseball Challenge is BACK for the 2014 season!

It's the same as last season, but for those of you that are new -- it's very simple to sign-up and make your picks:

1) REGISTER to play (so you can pick a sweet username and all that other good stuff)

2) Make your picks! (Who do YOU think will win the World Series, MVP, Cy Young, etc?)

3) Pay your $10 entry fee (secured PayPal site) for your chance at the $1k guaranteed prize pool!

That's it! 

From there we will track your picks and provide updates, including "Monthly Challenges" which will give you opportunities to earn points during the season. The Challengers with the most points throughout the year will earn great CASH prizes!

Complete rules and additional details can be found below, but if you're already interested in playing REGISTER NOW so you can be on your way to having your picks get you paid! 

DEADLINE TO MAKE PICKS: Monday, March 31st 


Full Game Details:

Who: Whoever wants to put their predictions to the test and follow along throughout the season to see how well, or maybe not so well they did.

What: Each person will predict:

  • Regular Season Standings (all 30 teams in their respective divisions)
  • Postseason Teams (Wild Card, League and World Series Champs)
  • Awards (AL/NL MVP, CY Young, Rookie and Manager of the Year)
  • All-Star Game Winner
  • Regular Season Homerun Leader (used as a tie-breaker)

Each correct prediction will earn points towards the final overall score. And you guessed it...the people with the most points at the end, win! We will get into exactly who wins and what they win in just a second...

Where: Right here! You can make your picks right here on the website! You just need to complete the short registration form first (if you haven't already) and you will be on your way. The deadline to submit your picks will be March 31st.

When: Throughout the course of the 2014 baseball season. The winners will be determined after the final postseason award has been handed out. We will run Monthly Challenges again this season, where you will have additional opportunities to add to your overall score!

Why: Because as fans, we think we know what's going to happen this season, we are going to watch either way, so why not take the chance to be handsomely rewarded for such a small investment?

What's the "small investment" you ask?

Entry Fee: $10.00 (That's it!)

Now, that we got that settled...let's talk about how much you can win:


Prize Schedule

Let's get to the good stuff, right? There are a handful of ways to win money throughout the Challenge...

And this year, the amounts are almost doubled from last year's previous high with the featured $1,000 guaranteed prize pool!

Here is a look at how the prize schedule breaks down:

  • 1st Place Overall - $500 
  • 2nd Place Overall - $150 
  • 3rd Place Overall - $50

But that's not it! We will also reward to the winners from each of the various stages of the Challenge with $100:

  • Standings Winner - (Most points earned from regular season standings)
  • Postseason Winner - (Most points from Wild Cards, League and World Series winner)
  • Award Winner - (Most points from MVP, Cy Young, Rookie & Manager of the Year picks)


Each correct prediction will earn the following point amounts:

  • Division Standing (other than 1st place) - 2 points
  • Division Winner - 3 points
  • All-Star Game Winner - 5 points (It's supposed to count for them, so it counts for us too)
  • Wild Card Winner - 7 points
  • Award Winner - 10 points
  • League Winner - 12 points
  • World Series Winner - 15 points

All points will be added towards your overall score.

Simple, right? Now its up to YOU to make the right picks!

Note - The homerun leader prediction will be used as a tie-breaker and not worth any points.


How to Enter (Now, easier than ever before!)

First, you need to register. It takes about as much time as a Mike Trout inside-the-park homerun to do it, so do it if you haven't already. 

Next, you will go to the "Make my Picks" section to guess what...make your picks!

Once you are done filling in the user-friendly form, you will be able to review your picks AND pay your entry fee right then and there! Super easy right? We think so.


Entry Rules/Important Dates

If this sounds like something you'd like to give a whirl, just follow these two important rules:

  • Your picks must be received by the "real" Opening Day (March 31st)

That's it!

If you think you have what it takes to pick winners in the 2014 baseball season and want to potentially make an incredible return on your investment, get registered and make your picks today!

Also, if you have any friends or family that you think would want to play, take advantage of our Refer-A-Friend program. IF YOU REFER ONE FRIEND, YOU GET TO PLAY FOR FREE!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Good luck!