Regular Season Champion Crowned!

After 162 games, the MLB regular season is officially in the books! With that said, we are ready to start handing out some money $$$!! 

Correctly picking 4 of the 6 division winners, as well as the correct order in both the NL West and Central to go along with his correct All-Star Game selection, the winner of the $100 Regular Season prize is...

Picking the American League as the winners of the midsummer classic really proved to be the difference between first and second as loganpace finished just 5 points behind.

Here is a look at the Top-10 after the Regular Season:

Congratulations to Ryan on the win and proving that he knew what he was talking about way back in April when making these selections!

Next up are the Playoffs!! Not only is it an exciting time for us baseball fans but there are still a lot of points on the line! Remember, the person who finishes with the most points between wild card, pennant and World Series winners will also claim a $100 prize! But don't forget that the OVERALL winner after all points are handed out will earn the $500 GRAND PRIZE!

Hopefully your favorite team made the playoffs, I know mine did...stay tuned for the next update and until then, GO HALOS!