Playoff Prize Winner Announced!

We've officially entered the worst part of the year...

The days are getting shorter, the weather's getting colder (for most of you) but most depressing of all, there's no more baseball.

Once again the San Francisco Giants have ruined everything by being the ones to force winter upon us. But at least they had the decency to go all 7 games against a Royals team that shocked the world for most of October. 

Apparently we should have known this was going to happen though, being an "even year" and all, but it turns out only 6 of us knew the Gigantes would make it 3 rings in the last 5 years.... 

Most of them are just big time Giant-homers, but still impressive nonetheless. Each earned 15 points for the correct pick! When you take those and add all of the right league champion and wild card selections we get our next winner of the Baseball Challenge and $100 prize!

With two Wild Card (7 points) and one League Champion (12) to go along with the World Series pick (15) we had TWO Challengers tie for the lead at 41 points:
After referencing the rules, and seeing that the tie-breaker states:

"In the case of a tie after adding all points earned from predicting Wild Card, League and World Series winners , the person who picked the most correct division winners during the regular season will break the tie and win."

With that said, after correctly selecting an incredible 5 out of 6 division winners correctly, the Postseason Prize winner and the next $100 is....

With the great postseason, he also takes a commanding lead in the OVERALL LEADERBOARD where the top 3 will get paid, including $500 to first place! Here is a look at the top-10 after the World Series:

We still have player awards to go so there are still a TON of points left to be handed out so check your picks to see who you went with waaayyy back in March and stay tuned for the next update once the announcements begin on November 10th.